unable to make a new PPD file available to the YaST2 db

Hello, I wish to add a new PPD file to the YaST2 database.
From YaST2 > Printer I click on the “Add Driver” button, then I enter the full path where the PPD file is stored and I click on the OK button.
I noticed the PPD file is copied to the /usr/share/cups/model/downloaded directory.
The problem is that YaST2 does not “see” the new driver. The new driver description does not come out when I search for drivers using the “Search” button.

What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

Kind regards, Cristian

Hi Cristian,

maybe the PPD file is incomplete/incompatible with the CUPS requirements? Which “FormatVersion” is defined in the file, and which manufacturer / model is stated there?

You may want to compare with other files stored in /usr/share/cups/model/*