Updating Grafana separately?

I’m currently on Rancher 2.5.16 and my Grafana is at v7.5.8. I’m aware of a vulnerability that is apparently fixed in v7.5.15. Is there a way to upgrade just Grafana to at least 7.5.15? I looked at Rancher 2.6.13 and even it says it’s certified only up to Grafana v7.5.8. I’ve got rancher-monitoring installed (a.k.a. kube-prometheus-stack). Is it possible to upgrade just the Grafana component? If so, could you point me to how I can do that please?

Solution: I went into the configuration of the Monitoring application under Apps & Marketplace. I clicked on the link for the Grafana configuration, then on ‘Edit as YAML’. Under the grafana section I added the following:
tag: 7.5.15

I also had to add this under image: since it tried to pull from a repository that didn’t have it:
repository: grafana/grafana
Now I’m on grafana v7.5.15.