Upgrade all services before rancher - will this go away?

The release notes clearly state that you should update all services before upgrading rancher.

For us this might be inconvenient - we sometimes have services “ready” to be upgraded, but holding back for several reasons. Also I (OPS :wink: ) don’t want to always check and run around making sure everything is updated, that’s just inconvenient.

So is that a requirement that stays, or is this something that will be addressed sometime in a future release?

Ideally, we are looking for users to upgrade your infra services after you upgrade Rancher server as we have infra services that have a minimum version of our latest Rancher versions. I’ll update the release notes to make it more clear that the upgrading of infra services is meant to be checked aftr the Rancher server upgrade.

We are looking to create an upgrade manager to help make this easier for users.

I’m confused. now you’re talking about upgrading the rancher infra services after a rancher upgrade, although my question was about the neccessity to upgrade our stacks before a rancher upgrade (as specified in your release notes).

whaaaa … ?!? :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the release notes as it was always meant to imply after an upgrade (though some could argue that you could upgrade before but then you would most likely need to update these stacks again after the Rancher upgrade.

I’ve just updated the release notes to make it more clear on when we would expect people to upgrade infra services.

ah, that is way more clear now.

honestly, I completely misunderstood the previous relnotes in that regard. thanks for clarifying!

that’s my fault! @vincent had the exact same interpretation as you.