Upgrade stacks before v1.3.0?


I’m running v1.2.2 and as from today I can see some of my Infrastructure stacks having “Upgrade Available”. Should I upgrade them before I proceed to upgrade server to v1.3.0 or it can be done afterwards? In general which is the proposed way?


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good question.

I tried different upgrades on my rancher environments giving different results. (rancher still on 1.2.2 since stable release)
If I did upgrade all at the same time, I needed a reboot of my hosts to get networking ok again.

I hope the rancher guys can give recommendations both on upgrading and, if any, compatibility issues in latest/stable/infrastructure stacks.



+1 recommendations would be welcome

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Did you read the 1.3.0 release announcement? Rancher strongly recommends that you upgrade the Infrastructure Stacks before upgrading to 1.3.0.

I’m running Rancher 1.2, and I don’t want to upgrade until 1.3.0 has been out for a while. But I’d like to know what fixes are included when an Infrastructure Stack says “Upgrade Available” before I decide to hit the button.

Release notes are saying “when upgrading”. It is not clear enough like “first upgrade all infrastructure stacks that have an upgrade available before proceeding to upgrade the server itself”.

If this is the recommended procedure it should be clear enough.

I can update the release notes, but we recommend upgrading Rancher server and then the infrastructure stacks. These are actually independent of each other, but this is the order that we test.


If upgrading stacks is not advised before upgrading the rancher server, should stack upgrades be hidden for previous rancher server versions or there is no issue to upgrade only them? I think this is a crucial information to now.

In general we will set the min version to prevent them from showing up on older versions, mainly because we don’t want to test infinite permutations of versions. In this case we knew they worked independently already so that wasn’t done.

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Thanks for the clarification!