Urgent help for upgrade

Rancher 1.6.5 release documentation says that network-services infrastructure stack will be upgraded automatically as release will not work unless upgrade. At the same time, its saying for 1.5.0+, it will not get upgraded. Here I am updating from 1.5.10 to 1.6.5. Do I need to manually upgrade the network-services stack(from v0.1.2)to latest one available(to v0.2.3)? Please confirm

Stable - v1.6.5 - rancher/server:stable

Important - Upgrade

In this release, we will automatically upgrade the network-services infrastructure stack as without this upgrade, your release will not work.
Upgrading from versions prior to Rancher v1.5.0 will trigger an automatic upgrade.
Upgrading from versions Rancher v1.5.0+ will not trigger an automatic upgrade.

Have you already done the upgrade, or are you asking in preparation for upgrade?
When I upgraded from 1.6.1 to 1.6.3, Rancher displayed an “Upgrade Available” button for the infrastructure services in each of my stacks. I upgraded each one, one at a time until they were all done.

Since you are on 1.5.10, I believe you should see the same button in your stacks and you should have to upgrade each infrastructure stack manually.

Thanks, I have upgraded it too