Using an SSD w/ SLES 11 SP2

Since ext3 doesn’t support trim and I don’t want to use an unsupported module to run ext4 is anybody using an SSD as the main drive with SLES 11 (sp2)? We were thinking of using it on an Oracle server for the OS drive (the DB drives are SAS platter drives).

Haven’t run SLES with SSD’s. Depending on how the BTRFS development and support is when SLES 11 SP3 is released, that might be a better route to take filesystem wise. Seeing what type of production use you have in mind, that could still be tricky at that time.
When choosing ext3, this openSUSE thread might be of interest :

There is however I filesystem I’d prefer using with SSD on SLES 11 SP2 at this time, and that would be XFS (if you have proper hardware with redundant power setup).
One blog that is an interesting read, as it’s also DB related :

Also, and again I haven’t ventured here myself yet, XFS seems to have a trim/discard option which is lacking in ext3 (which could mean excessive slowdown over time) :

Keep us updated, it’s an interesting topic :slight_smile: