Using an SSD with SLES 11 SP3

Can one be used without killing long term performance? I was also looking at using a RAID card and running 2 SSDs in RAID 1

Why not use SLE 12 instead? But yes, ssd’s work fine with btrfs and
xfs. You could use ext4 but that’s unsupported.

I have a SLED 11 SP3 system running a 60GB ssd with btrfs, ssd hours are
at 18012h and lifetime is still perfect (as in no degradation).

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Hi dennisdcs,

you were probably thinking about TRIM support, which is AFAIK available with the kernel and tools provided with SLES11SP3. From

When it comes to RAID cards, then you should check in advance if the card in question is handling those well, i.e. is providing enough throughput to really take advantage. OTOH, with only two disks, have you considered using Linux built-in mechanisms to create the RAID set? You maight even come out more portable and flexibile than with a RAID card…