Install RancherOS on Proxmox on OVH/SyS network

Part of installing RancherOS you need to add your public key to a cloud-init file, and that is a lot of keys to type in the VNC terminal that doesn’t allow copy/paste - and you can’t ssh in until this has been done. Catch-22.

Now I see that Proxmox supports Cloud-init, which as far as I understand is what RancherOS uses. There is a ton of reference documentation on it both here and here but I’m obviously too thick to glue it all together.

I’m sure it is a matter of providing a short text file with the key, possible ip address etc, and somehow pass that onto Proxmox to do it’s magic and create a RacherOS VM, but how?

Could some kind soul who know please make a short step-by-step of this? That would be so cool!

After many hours of trial an error…

By adding a serial port to the VM (vm > hardware > add > serial port) I was able to connect through the xterm.js console instead, which supports copy paste, and was able to add my public key.

That in itself didn’t help anything though, as I still need to get the network up, before being able to ssh in anyway.

RancherOS has a homespun way of dealing with networks:

$ sudo ros config set
$ sudo ros config set
$ sudo ros config set 1500
$ sudo ros config set false
$ sudo system-docker restart network

I ran these, replacing of course eth1 with eth0 and the IP address and gateway with those correct for my network. I am 100% sure I used the correct values, I’ve set a lot of VM’s up on this network before, but still, no cigar.

ifconfig shows the network interface to be up, and there is packet traffic, but route -n shows no route to the gateway.

I also can’t either ping or shh to the server.

So I’m kinda stuck at this point.