Using RMT in SLES 12.4, 15.x, and openSUSE

Here’s a question on RMT registration: When running [COLOR="#008000"]rmt-client-setup[/COLOR] you get a message stating that the client machine is registered with the RMT server. But is there any way to tell from the perspective of the RMT server what devices have been registered? I couldn’t find any version of the [COLOR="#008000"]rmt-cli[/COLOR] command that provides that info and I couldn’t locate any file on the RMT server containing information on “registered” devices. It seems that the only way to tell a device is “registered” with the RMT Server is to go to “Software Repositories” in YaST on the client and see URL(s) for the RMT Server listed there. Is that the case?



RMT depends on MySQL (MariaDB?) and according to the schema at it creates a systems table so perhaps you can try checking that?


Thanks for the help Simon! That tidbit got me headed down the correct path. But you would think we would have some options on the rmt-cli command to get at that kind of information without having to go directly to the rmt db. Thanks again. I appreciate the lead! Rich…

Hello, Rich.

Most recent version of RMT has a rmt-cli systems list command:

ivan@e210:~> rmt-cli systems list
| Login                                | Hostname     | Registration time       | Last seen               | Products                                 |
| SCC_1976a476888646f58cc6676f09ef55f9 | e7e63808f2d1 | 2019-06-07 12:45:16 UTC | 2019-06-07 12:45:50 UTC | sles/15/x86_64                           |
|                                      |              |                         |                         | sle-module-basesystem/15/x86_64          |
|                                      |              |                         |                         | sle-module-server-applications/15/x86_64 |

The most recent version probably wasn’t released into the main repos yet, you can find the most recent version in RMT devel project in OBS: