V2.7.0 - Issues when deploying new k8s Cluster

Hi all,

I have this Rancher set on v2.7.0 that has an existing k8s cluster running. Nodepools, for simplicity reasons, lets say they are in subnet .1, .2, .3 nodes). The nodepools are created with RKE, they are hosted on a vsphere infrastructure. They don’t share templates, as each of them has static ip address assigned(the same will apply for the next cluster below).

Now, I try to deploy a new k8s cluster, on the same subnet. I start with one nodepool, so lets say The moment I start deploying the new cluster, the already existing cluster starts misbehaving. Kubelet stops working correctly, and I’m overloaded with alerts.

I’ve compared the templates, and I don’t see anything that could collide with the existing cluster, causing it to misbehave like this, so I wonder if there is any limitation on Rancher/K8s that causes this when deploying new clusters on existing subnets, even when there’s no overlapping.

Thanks in advance!