Rancher 2.0 missing features GKE

Rancher version: v2.0.0-beta3
UI version: v2.0.35

Hi all,

i am evaluating the usage of Rancher 2.0 for provisioning our GKE clusters. However i have noticed the following key items seem to be missing:

  • Creation of node pools
  • Cannot use preemptible instances
  • Cannot change network/subnet of cluster and/or node pools.

Am i overlooking something? It seems that the docs do mention node pools but perhaps that is for a different provider.

It currently creates one pool. Multiple pools and most of the other options didn’t exist when we started, and are not going to be added now at this point in the release cycle. We will look into them after 2.0.

You can still create whatever cluster you want in GKE and choose Import in Rancher to import it after.

Clusters we create through RKE have a similar but unrelated concept of node pools that use a node template to create VMs for the cluster.

@vincent: is there a way to edit/delete existing node templates?

In master/for the next release, yes. That is again not related to GKE though, there is no node template for a GKE cluster and the nodes are not grouped into a pool.