V2.7.5 Workaround for Deleted Resources?

Unfortunately, my cluster has been running v2.7.5 for awhile now and after attempting to upgrade one of the clusters, I fell prey to the deleted resources issue.

Fleet periodically deletes certain Kubernetes resources in bundles. Bundle IDs are trimmed to fit within the Helm release name length (53 chars) using the <trimmed-release-name>-<6-char-hash> format. When the 47th character of the original release name is already a dash (-), the generated release name will contain a double dash. This leads to discrepancies between the actual deployed release name, and the one expected by Fleet to be deployed. Fleet deletes and redeploys the corresponding bundle. See #1660.
- From Release v2.7.5 · rancher/rancher · GitHub

Does anyone know how to workaround this? I won’t be able to upgrade my cluster for a few weeks, but in the meantime, I need to see if I can just get this single cluster back in working order.