Virsh and xl

I am migrating from Sles 11 xen xm to sles12 xen xl. Both use Sles HA. I have succeeded in converting all the files to the new format . The issue I am running into when I setup for starting the vm’s is that virsh and xl display different info. In other words if the machine is started by high availability which is using xl and using the old xm format basically, virsh does not show it as running. So when in the guy on the server using virtualize manager to be able to display the windows machine it shows as down. How can I get that info to display the same so I can see it with both? I have googled and read the docs so many times my eyes hurt.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sadly I can’t help , but if you have a test cluster, you can stop all resources and then manually start them using this procedure .
Use ‘bash -x’ to debug what the resource script is actually doing and then we can find out why the VM is not visible.
Are you sure that you have correct ‘LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI’ ?

I tried with grep to find a file that contains that string. Did not seem to be any file that contains it. So not sure where would set it.

I figured out the solution.

Can you share ?

Yes I had to create the primitive as VirtualDomain instead of Xen.