Windows 10 VM instance crashes, stuck in delete/start loop


When I try to install a recent Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 2004 VM on my single node Harvester v1.0.0 the VM instance crashes and gets deleted after a few seconds. Then the VM starts up again, crashes again, etc.

What is weird is that two days ago I managed to install a Windows 10 VM through endless crashes and even got to work with it a little. Now that VM doesn’t start as well.

I initially suspected it had to do with the number of volume replicas that could not be created due my using of a single node but when I set the replica count to 1 the issue persisted. Ubuntu VMs work well, though.

Does anybody have an idea what might be the issue here? I am using Harvester on a Poweredge R450 with 192 GB RAM.