Vsphere 7 cloud provider issues

Hi everyone,

when I try to deploy a cluster using the vsphere cloud provider vSphere shows the following error message after it creates the cluster node(s):

“A specified parameter was not correct: deviceChange[1].device.key Cannot add multiple devices using the same device key”

we’re running the following infrastructure:

Single node rancher server on docker v2.4.5 (testing environment)
VMware vsphere 7 cluster (production)

The user I’m using in the Cloud Credentials has admin rights on the vSphere cluster.
I’m using boot2docker with the rancheros image.
Only one NIC configured in the node template.

The cloud provider creates the virtual machine and downloads the rancheros image on it but it fails to create the network adapter and the CD ROM to mount the rancheros ISO file. After the VM creation vSphere presents the error message above.

Can someone please help?

Regards Hendrik