Ways to apply latest patches in sles11 sp3

Hi there,

First of all, sorry if this question is “dummy”. I’m in sles 11 sp3 x64, but with a fresh install. My system is not register with NCC.
I am a Novell customer but I dont have registered all my systems.
I should apply latest patches. But I don’t know how to do it without downlad every single patch (a nightmare)

I though that downloading the ISO would contain the latest patches, but I think not.
It’s there a simple way to do it?

The purpose of patch channels is to fix this exact problem. The simplest
way, then, is to register with the patch channels. If you do not want to
do this directly from each system to Novell/SUSE, you can do so indirectly
using something like SMT (free product) or SUSE Manager in between. They
also give you bandwidth benefits by caching packages where you install
them thus having a single download of patches instead of many, if setup
that way.

These products also give you the option of staging patches from dev to
stage to prod, so that by the time you actually apply a patch to
production you know it has worked in other environments first, giving you
as much confidence in them as you can have based on reliable testing

Can you share reasons for not having all of your systems setup for patches

Good luck.

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