What are you looking to learn next?

I’m wondering what people are looking to learn next? Could be tech or not!

For tech, I need to learn AI/ML (specifically Kubeflow) which looks really interesting.
For non-tech, I’m hoping to get my guitar chops back and learn some rockabilly. Been a metalhead most of my life and rockabilly seems like a pretty fun challenge!

On the tech side, I want to learn some Python coding
On the non tech side, i wan’t to learn to jump my bike like a pro :smiley:

For me, I would like to get my hands on a RPi4 8GB to play with… recently finished getting my qemu system(s) sorted for GPU and SATA passthrough, nice using real hardware on a virtual machine, been able to use laptops for other tasks… :wink:
I also need to sort out a better antenna and position for ADSB tracking (Aircraft), summer time and tree leaves get in the way, my range drops below 200Nm…

Non tech, working on the raised garden bed, might need to enclose if the squirrels, rabbits etc start getting the crop! About to start work on a work desk and bookcase for our Son, we don’t see going to school in the fall being a viable option, so plan for online instruction to continue…

Since i began learning computer technologies, i always and still want to learn “Cloud” now i realize without learning hardware, operating system theory, kernel programming and computer science, i will not be able to manage my instances. This is what i believe in … So i’m learning Assembly(nasm and gas), C/C++ and systems programming.
Non tech, i’m reading books about social sciences and want to write a book about my thesis.