What is the correct URL for Rancher Helm Charts

Rancher v2.7.1
K3s v1.21.13+k3s1

Can anyone tell me what the link and latest stable branch should be for Rancher Helm charts?

In Apps=>Repositoires I see three configured repos

Active Partners git https://git.rancher.io/partners-charts main
Downloading Rancher git https://git.rancher.io/charts release-v2.7 (Red error says “No such file or directory”)
Active RKE2 git https://git.rancher.io/rke2-charts main

I found the problem because after installing rancher, Longhorn was not available as an App to install, after a bit of digging I found this error against the repo. I have tried to change the repo and branch, but still getting this error and now can’t remember what the original URL was.