Apps & Marketplace no charts available

I am trying to upgrade Rancher on our RKE provisioned cluster. According to the docs a backup is recommended. But I get stuck at the first step.

All I can see is:

State under Chart Repositories show both Partners and Rancher with state Unknown.
The URLs are:
Partners: https[colon]//git[dot]rancher[dot]io/partner-charts
Rancher: https[colon]//git[dot]rancher[dot]io/charts
(sorry for the weird format. New user, restrictions apply)


  • K8s Version: v1.20.6 (upgraded with RKE)
  • Rancher version: v2.5.5
  • User Interface: v2.5.4
  • Helm: v2.16.8-rancher1
  • Machine: v0.15.0-rancher49

Trying to access the repo URLs in a browser returns a 404.

I need some help guiding me to where the problem might be.

I should mention that it has worked before. I haven’t used the Marketplace in a long time.


You’re using k8s 1.20 in a version of Rancher that didn’t support it. Upgrade to 2.5.8 (I think 2.5.6+).

1.20 drops a field Rancher used in determining the state of things, which makes them all say unknown; then no charts are shown because the repos aren’t in active state.