What is the difference between the vmware iso and the generic iso? vmware iso doens't install to disk

So I loaded up the vmware iso (in vmware vcenter) and it booted up fine, made my changes to cloud-config.yml and tried to do an install to disk:
sudo ros install -c cloud-config.yml -d /dev/sda

but it always crashes with error "error msg=“Failed to partprobe device /dev/sda: exit status 127”

I’m assuming this is some kind of partition error (means it’s already installed)?

If I force reboot the instance, it now comes back up in what appears to be in an uninstalled state. If I try the install command again, it then works.

So what is the purpose of the rancheros-vmware.iso? If installing to disk, should we be using the generic rancheros.iso?

I think the VMware iso comes with the VMware tools installed in it.

For your error when trying to install it to disk I have the exact same problem. I thought there was something special in my setup or I was doing something wrong.

hi gays,
I think below link is useful for your problem.

The rancher-vmware.iso is used for docker-machine. It will autoformat the root disk, docker-machine mechanism made me have to do this.
We will release all stuff for vmware.