What is the purpose of the rancher images on dockerhub?

I see that there’s rancher images on dockerhub, but I haven’t found any documentation on how to use them. what is their purpose? Is there any guidance on their use?

The Rancher documentation main page is at Rancher Docs: Documentation | Rancher Labs . Everything there points to you pulling from those images (with things like the Rancher Docs: Air Gapped Helm CLI Install having you pull to mirror behind your air gap).

Thanks for suggesting this documentation. But reading these documents specifically related to the older versions of Rancher and K3S has left me with so many questions. I just want to know where to post these questions.

You might try the Rancher Slack instead of here. There’s usually more traffic there and there are at least some Rancher employees who pop in and answer things. There might be a way to toss in a bug in Github for the documentation, but the comment I got from Rancher employee @brandond was as follows:

interesting, I’ll pass that along to the docs team. If you ever notice something like that, there’s an Edit This Page button at the bottom of every page, if you can take a moment to even just comment on what you’d like improved in the docs that helps close the loop better than just noting it on Slack.

So depending on what your question/concern is, I’d go one of those routes.