When are 1.6.x releases promoted to 'stable'?

Can the developers clarify something about the Rancher Release process?

I noticed that Rancher v1.6.23 was announced as Beta on October 10, and included a security fix. There was no announcement of 1.6.23 becoming ‘Stable’ until just a few days ago on November 4. Since Oct 10, I checked the Dockerhub repo several times and never saw v1.6.23 be promoted to stable. I checked again today, and it appears that v1.6.23 has finally been promoted to be stable.

A one month wait time is a long time to wait for a security issue. Am I missing an announcement about when 1.6.23 was promoted to stable?

It’s generally about a week after a release is published, unless something comes up that we think requires another release to address before calling it stable. There is not a separate announcement for when the “pointer” for the stable tag is moved from one version to another.

I’m not sure what you’re looking at in Dockerhub but 1.6.23 became stable “a month ago” (which if you go to the api you can see was October 18th, 8 days after 1.6.23 was released).

At the time, I checked the ‘Last Update’ column at https://hub.docker.com/r/rancher/server/tags/, and the time for ‘stable’ matched the time for ‘v1.6.22’. Pretty sure I checked after Oct 18, but maybe I’m remembering wrong.

It would be nice if Dockerhub provided something more concrete.

Yeah the UI is useless, but like I said you can look in the API (link above) and see the exact last updated timestamp.