Where are the logs for 'Apps'?

In the Rancher UI, when an App launch fails, the error is printed out in red at the top of the app detail page. Where are these errors originating from? Is there a pod somewhere I can tail to see more log detail?

Click on the red circle and you can see the last events in the UI. Useful when your problem is before pod starts. Like probleme with the volume.

To see the logs, when your mouse is hover the red circle, click the 3 dots and select logs.

Thanks @Torpi for the reply.
Are you talking about the ‘Workloads’ page? Yes, I use that functionality to drill down and look at logs for a particular pod. My question is for a particular App page - in that case an error appears across the top and my question is from which system bit (pod) did that message originate from and where can I find it and/or look at surrounding logs. I’ll try to attach a screen capture to show.