Where is the source code of the new monitoring chart?

So, with Rancher 2.5 we have a new monitoring chart, which works better than the previous one. However, I want to tweak some things and can’t find the source code for the chart. Is it “closed source” and only distributed as tgz in the Rancher image? Can I install it using Helm directly, without using the new Dashboard, which is super clumsy when the chart has many YAML options?

Nothing we do is “closed source”. It’s a set of changes applied to the standard charts and options. https://github.com/rancher/charts/tree/dev-v2.5-source/packages/rancher-monitoring

All the charts are available as a helm repo at http://charts.rancher.io/ . “Apps” in dashboard are just helm “releases”.

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@vincent Thank you so much for the link to the Helm repo!

I’m really struggling with the Cluster Explorer, but now that I can use the chart using Helm directly and be to do post-processing on the manifests, I’m super happy.

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