Where to get Registration Code for SLES 15.4 HA?

I wanted to setup a 2-node cluster with SLES 15.4 for educational purposes.
I received an evaluation license for the OS, but installation of HA requires additional registration code.
I searched for hours, reading all relevant documenation but cannot figure out where to get this code.
Additionally, I contacted SUSE in Germany, but obviously they are too busy to answer.
Can obtaining a simple evaluation code such a challenge?
Next question is how many codes I need for a 2-node cluster?
Just one for OS and HA, or do I need codes for each module on each server?
Any help appreciated.


@MMax Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:

If you login at https://www.suse.com/download/sle-ha/ to download the install media, you should get option at the very bottom for an evaluation code?

I would suggest installing on one host, then use virtual machines for the other node, or perhaps two as these will run for the duration of 60 days without any additional codes.

Hi Malcom,

that worked!
But as I am setting up a 15.4 HA, I did not realize the button for obtaining the code, this only appears when selecting HA extension 15 SP5. However, the generated code is valid for 15.4, too.
The command:

SUSEConnect -p sle-ha/15.4/x86_64 -r xxxxxxxxx

was successful.

Thanks a lot!