Cannot get activation code for high availability extension

When I download the High Availability Extension 64 X86 ( evaluation ) for SLES 11 SP3, it is not recorded in my Novell control center and I cannot get the activation code required to download the latest updates. With Yast both activation codes are required ( SLES 11 SP3 and High Availability Extension ) to download the updates.

Hi marquis_lemieux,

there should have been a button “get activation code” on the HAE download page, with the following text right before it:

[QUOTE][h=3]Activation Code[/h] You will need an activation code to get access to updates during your evaluation period. This activation code can be obtained by clicking the “Get Activation Code” button below. Please make note of your code, then click the link under “Download Media” to return to the download site.


The registration code will not be entered automatically to the NCC during download of the installation media, but during registration (which is part of the installation process, see “How to use your activation cdde” on