Which is the official list of RancherOS-v0.8.0 AMIs?

I see two different list of RancherOS-v0.8.0 AMIs. We’d prefer installing the same v0.8.0 AMI that everyone else uses. In our region (us-east-1), that could be either:

  • ami-4600ce50 from the Community AMI list in the release announcement.
  • ami-92fb3284 from the Rancher Labs “seller” in the AWS Marketplace.

Which is the official list? Here is how I found them:

I assume you can find official list of AMIs in here. See HVM table under Amazon category.

I was wondering about that when I was working on publishing the AMI’s to the marketplace - it appears that as an artefact of publishing in the AAWS marketplace, they make another copy of the originating AMI - but this AMI isn’t then also available it our mgmt UI.

So the answer is both are official?

Thanks for the explanation. Makes perfect sense (Ah, the many mysteries of AWS.) I’ll go with https://github.com/rancher/os/blob/master/README.md, since it’s easy to find and deal with.

Also, it’s a bit hard to tell what’s what and from who in the AWS Marketplace, it just seems like you need to be looking over your shoulder all the time.