Which key.pem file in the machine package?

Trying to setup Vamp configuration INSIDE of Rancher to manage containers in Marathon for Mesos. I think I need to putty into one of the machines created by Rancher to tune the vamp configurations.

I pulled (downloaded) the machine package from one of those systems inside the rancher UI. Inside the tar.gz file I get two folders each with more that several files.Wan to get the private pem and convert to ppk using puttygen and load into superputtty. Tried a few. Which one would be the correct file?

Also I assume that even though Rancher created these they are ubuntu VMs so that is the user name.


The tarball is what docker-machine expects… If you just want the SSH key it’s in machines/<uuid>/id_rsa. Username is dependent on the OS/image/provider/user input. For Ubuntu it would generally be ubuntu or sometimes root (DigitalOcean).

I did try the id-rsa file from my local ubuntu (vbox) system and it bombed with a file permission error (for that id_rsa file trying to access the rancher Created AWS host
What I was looking for the PEM key I could use to convert to ppk for putty access. That file and four others do not seem to work with AWS access.

I am going to need a reasonable way to get into the Rancher built hosts to adjust the config files. Right now my Vamp setup in Rancher is setup to control the rancher environment (cattle I guess).

Basically I am running Rancher as a creation pad for Mesos/Marathon and Vamp as a guest system. All of that is working fine, api calls to Rancher builds new AWS hosts with both Mesos Slaves and also Vamp Agents like it should. But Vamp is not talking to Marathon I do believe I cannot tune this just with Vamp Environment Variable in Rancher.

Linux requires the SSH key file be readable only by the user; chmod 600 id_rsa

That is the only file from the archive needed to SSH to the host.