Why is this new version of my catalog entry not appearing in the UI?

Trying to upgrade convoy-agent in the convoy-gluster catalog entry. Before submitting a PR, I spun up a test cluster to make sure everything worked. Only, despite adding https://github.com/ndarilek/community-catalog as a catalog named Test in the administrative settings, then clicking Test in the list of catalogs, I don’t see v0.3 as a version when I try deploying convoy-gluster. What am I doing wrong?

For reference, here is a link to what I’ve attempted to add:

Also, if I find issues in this template and need to change it, how do I tell Rancher to pull a fresh set of changes so I can deploy them?


I looked and don’t see anything wrong with your templates, so I added your git repo as a catalog on my rancher instance and, I see all three versions of convoy gluster.
Any chance your git pull isn’t working?

I figured it out. Turns out the version is in both config.yml and rancher-compose.yml. I’d only updated it in config.yml. Why do I need to provide the version twice?

Thanks for testing it out.

glad you found it - that question is actually what brought me to the forum today.
my wild guess is that the version in config.yml maybe limits the max version the catalog will show (maybe so you can work on new templates without making available potentially broken code)

The one in rancher-compose.yml is the version for that particular template revision. The one in the config.yml is the default version (among the other choices) that will be chosen.