Will Backing Up and Restoring a Rancher Cluster Via Velero Work?

I import EKS Clusters into a separate Rancher Cluster running in EKS. I need to move the EKS Rancher Cluster to a new EKS Cluster. I backed up all Rancher CRDs and Rancher K8s Deployment related resources via Velero. I restored all of the CRDs. I see 68 cattle.io CRDs on the old cluster and 68 cattle.io CRDs on the new cluster. Overall though, I’m confused about how Rancher stores its data. The docs mention an etcd database, and I don’t understand where that etcd database is and whether Velero actually copied it. How can I see whether all of the data was successfully copied to the new cluster?

I need to do this migration tomorrow morning, so if anyone can offer insight into how I can see the data Rancher stores and whether I successfully moved all of it via the 68 CRDs Velero restored, I would greatly appreciate it.