Will break the AWS ID migration my Rancher/RancherOS based infrastructure?


Congratulations to the Rancher Team. Rancher is a cool tool for working with Docker and AWS.

I am very worried because I received an AWS email about AWS IDs changes on AWS.

Please let me copy some lines above.

AWS Team:
“Systems that parse or store resource IDs may not work with longer IDs”

“We are introducing longer identifiers for several resource types. The old resource ID format is a resource identifier (“i-”, “vol-”, etc.) followed by 8 characters, and the new format will be the same resource identifier followed by 17 characters”.

I´m wondering if this change will break my IT infrastructure builded on top of Rancher 1.6 and RancherOS AMI Image.

thanks in advance.
Best regards

we switched to longer IDs and all works as normal.