Will the Exam Blackout period from 15 June 2020 to 21 June have any impact on this SLE301 Academy?

Hi @Academy_Instructor ,

In the notifications of the SUSE “Partner Portal”, there’s this message:

SST, SSTS And Technical Exam Blackout Starting 15 June 2020

Thursday 06/04/2020 8:24 pm

Blackout Will Last Through 21 June 2020

Please note that there will be an exam ‘blackout’ period from 15 June 2020 through 21 June 2020 as we update our learning platform. During this time you will be unable to take any of our exams SSS/STSS or any other technical exams.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

SUSEOne Partner Program Team

Given the mention above to an “update” of the “learning platform”, I would like to know if there will be any impact of this Exam Blackout period from 15 June 2020 to 21 June on this SLE301 Academy?

Thanks in advance.

Ricardo Dias Marques

No the blackout on exams will not impact this class. The vouchers will not be issued until the middle of July.

Thanks for the reply, @Academy_Instructor . I admit that the expression “as we update our learning platform” lead me to fear that this update might also affect the access to the eLearning Training Courses LMS (Learning Management System) platform.