Windows server 2019 node fails to start containers

I’m setting up a cluster to do a POC to check if we can use Rancher to run our windows docker images.
I have set up a Rancher on a separate K3s cluster.
In Rancher, I created a new rke2 cluster. With version v1.23.7+rke2r2.
There are 3 Linux Control Planes. They work perfectly.
1 Windows agent was added based on Server 2019.
I added the container feature in windows.
The node is running in Rancher and is green.
When I try to run a windows container on that node, It fails with the message
failed to create containerd task: failed to create shim: hcs::CreateComputeSystem 4c94c11d23498ae7b56845b9a074ba99387e4ea12e947e052f8a2d32b752931c: The directory name is invalid.: unknown
If I do the exact same thing on a Server 2022 node, the container starts.
If I manually start the container with the ctr run command on the 2019 server, it also starts.
I have no clue what this is.
Does this ring a bell to someone?

To answer my own question.
The fix was to upgrade windows 2019 to the latest version.