Wrong number of arguments

Hi, i got this when i tried to run command :-

kubectl exec -it redis-cluster-0 -n reddis – redis-cli --cluster create --cluster-replicas 1 $(kubectl get pods -l app=redis-cluster -o jsonpath=’{range.items[*]}{.status.podIP}:6379 ')

[ERR] Wrong number of arguments for specified --cluster sub command
E0630 11:35:33.408025 13023 v3.go:79] EOF
command terminated with exit code 1

Kindly assist to resolve this

That is an error specific to redis, so this isnt really the right forum to look for answers, but a quick google shows the usage should be like this:

redis-cli --cluster create --cluster-replicas 1

So, you need one or more ips/hosts after the create command