YAST2 NTP Server Search ?

Does anyone know what YAST2 is looking for when it does it’s ntp server search ?

I have a server (“ntp0” for the sake of arguments) that I have configured to run NTP and get it’s time from pool.ntp.org - works great. Now I would like to sync all my other servers to ntp0. But when I have yast2 run a search for ntp servers it doesn’t find it but if I put in ntp0 in the address field and run test it works just fine. Just wondering what I can do to make the ntp server search find ntp0. Might want to use it for other systems or appliances.


Tried a LAN trace when having Yast do its thing? The following may help,
excluding SSH traffic just in case you’re accessing the system that way:

sudo /usr/sbin/tcpdump -n -s 0 -i any -vvv not port 22

Wildly guessing I’d estimate using something like SLP, or maybe a SRV
record in DNS, to find a service, since those are two ways to find
services that are being advertised.

Good luck.

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