YaST2 prompting for User Authentication

I’m encountering the following prompt when attempting to enter the “Add-On Products” section of YaST2 on SLES 11.3 x86_64 in Azure:

Has anyone encountered this in Azure? All of my other SLES 11.3 VMs are working fine when navigating YaST2.

Please help. Thanks!

I would have thought it should be using SCCcredentials not NCCcredentials?

Have a look down in /etc/zypp/credentials.d/ on a working system and in the non-working system, I would guess they are different…

For on demand images all repositories available from the SUSE operated infrastructure are already registered on the system. If you are interested in using other add on products you should use the BYOS image and register the instance directly with NCC/SCC using your existing credentials.

It is not possible to get access to add on products through the SUSE operated update infrastructure in Azure or any of the other cloud frameworks.