YAST2 Software Management

Follow the rout: Yast2 → Software → Software Management

while star loading the window, warning message: There was an error in the repository initialization.

What could be wrong?

What could be wrong?[/QUOTE]
All sorts of things :wink:

Can you post the output of

$ zypper clean -a $ zypper refresh
You’ll need to run those commands as root. When psoting wrap the text in CODE tags (look for the # button in the toolbar) to make it readable. The first command cleans all local repository metadata and downloaded packages. The second one attempts to update the repository metadata cache. (SLED uses libzypp for package management. zypper is a command line interface for it, YaST can also be used if you want a GUI. When diagnosing problems on forums it’s usually much easier to deal with command line tools because you can easily copy/paste output rather than transcribing or describing what you see.)

Open a terminal and post the output from;

zypper lr -d

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