ZFCP SCSi setup

Greetings, I have been given some quick notes on how to make this work but no explanations. They were for a SLES11 SP2 Enterprise system from a few years ago. I am in the process of obtaining a system to perform this work but I would like some more information from others with experience in this area.
modprobe scsi_dh_alua
mdprobe scsi_dh_rdac
modprobe scsi_dh_hp_sw
modprobe scsi_dh_emc
modprobe zfcp
modprobe sd_mod
cd /sys/bus/ccw/drivers
cd zfcp
cd 0.0.b111
cat online
cd …
echo 1 > 0.0.b111/online
cat 0.0.b111/peer_wwpn
cat 0.0.b111/peer_wwnn
yast → hardware → zfcp → add → ( Get WWPNs & Get LUNs )
cat /proc/scsi/scsi
lszfcp -D


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