11 SP3 repos not getting added after successful registration

In VMWare workstation 10, I just installed a fresh copy of SLED 11 SP3 64-bit & successfully registered it, but none of the repos have been added. I only have these:

| Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | Type

1 | SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Desktop-11-SP3 11.3.3-1.95 | SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Desktop-11-SP3 11.3.3-1.95 | Yes | No | yast2
2 | nVidia-Driver-SLE11-SP3 | nVidia-Driver-SLE11-SP3 | Yes | Yes | rpm-md

When I log into the customer center, my system doesn’t show up. So I registered again & it still said it was successful, but still doesn’t show up in the customer center nor do any of the repos get added.

This is the command I used to register:

suse_register -a regcode-sled=` -a email= -a moniker= -L /root/.suse_register.log

I checked the log & saw some errors about the nvidia repo but the results were a success & the message said no errors.

Is anyone else having this problem?



Did you check in SCC?

It may take a little while to register, force a refresh and they should
show up;

zypper ref --force

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Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for the link. I checked it & didn’t see it there either. Hopefully it’ll show up soon.

I ran the zypper ref --force command, but there was still no change.

I found your thread about a similar issue & followed your directions to the mirror credentials & manually added the SLE-11 SP3 links. I now have these repos:

| Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh

1 | SMT_Pool | SMT Pool | Yes | Yes
2 | SMT_Updates | SMT Updates | Yes | Yes
3 | SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Desktop-11-SP3 11.3.3-1.95 | SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Desktop-11-SP3 11.3.3-1.95 | Yes | Yes
4 | Security_Module | Security Module | Yes | Yes
5 | nVidia-Driver-SLE11-SP3 | nVidia-Driver-SLE11-SP3 | Yes | Yes

But even though they’re in there, the system still thinks there are no repos. I went to Yast → Online Update Configuration to check & it shows no Current Update Repository selected. When I go to Advanced → Edit Software Repositories, I get a list of them with all with a Priority of 99 (Default). It doesn’t give me an option to pick a repo & set it as default. So I’m still stuck.