[2.5/2.6]Installed apps not seen by helm


I have a big problem with rancher 2.5 (and seen that with 2.6).
In the 2.5 version, I manager all my stack with the cluster manager and, if installed apps have not, in their template, the specific helm annotations/labels, Rancher use tiller to install and manage them.
After research, I see none of this informations in changelogs, issues, …

This is a big issue for us because, in 2.6, tiller managed apps are not visible in apps & marketplace and we can’t uninstall/reinstall this applications : they are really important and we can’t have downtime of them.

I rollback to 2.5 to continue to manage them but, with this problem, we can’t upgrade to rancher 2.6 (and kubernetes 1.21+).

Is there a way to make these applications well seen by helm so that we don’t have any problems, and that we can continue to manage them in rancher 2.6+?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like you did not migrate your Helm apps (with Helm 3 the Tiller-component is dropped):

I try that. But after research the problem is really weird. For all my applications, I use the app part in Cloud Manager but :

  • If templates have helm annotations, the installed app is viwed by Helm (helm list).
  • If they don’t have helm applications : they are managed by tiller

After try to list applications using helm v2 I obtain this error :

Error : could not find tiller

And If I remember, I never install tiller on rancher :face_with_raised_eyebrow: