Add OES2015 SP1 channels to SUSE Manager

To whom it may concern

I used the TID 7016834 to add OES2015 channels to SUSE Manager, without any problems.I followed each step by just adding the OES2015-SP1 channels.

Repository URL:$RCE/OES2015-SP1-Pool/sle-11-x86_64/ for the Pool updates.And for the updates
Repository URL:$RCE/OES2015-SP1-Updates/sle-11-x86_64/

Then running the command :

spacewalk-repo-sync -c oes2015-sp1-pool-x86_64 and
spacewalk-repo-sync -c oes2015-sp1-updates-sle11-x86_64

I am getting a Channel has no URL associated or a Channel does not exist or is not custom erorr.

Is there a TID for adding the OES2015 SP1 channels to SUSE Manager ?

Can somebody please help ?


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Does it also fail if you add these channels via the web UI ?

Oh, SUSE Manager 2.1 ?! This is out of support, please upgrade to SUSE Manager 3.

Please review the steps in the TID and follow them exactly. You might have a typo in the URL.

No typos.I will upgrade to SUSE Manager 3.