Add volume "Validation failed in API: name is not unique"

Rancher 1.1.0-dev1

I had previously added a convoy-nfs storage pool. I had removed the stack and did the deactivate/remove/purge in the API to remove it.

Creating a new convoy-nfs storage pool, I am unable to add a volume that has the same name as one that previously existed, getting the error “Validation failed in API: name is not unique”.

I found that volume in http://rancher:8080/v1/projects/1a15/volumes/1v151


"id": "1v151",
"type": "volume",
"links": {
    "self": "…/v1/projects/1a15/volumes/1v151",
    "account": "…/v1/projects/1a15/volumes/1v151/account",
    "mounts": "…/v1/projects/1a15/volumes/1v151/mounts",
    "snapshots": "…/v1/projects/1a15/volumes/1v151/snapshots",
    "storagePools": "…/v1/projects/1a15/volumes/1v151/storagepools",
"actions": {
    "update": "…/v1/projects/1a15/volumes/1v151/?action=update",
    "deallocate": "…/v1/projects/1a15/volumes/1v151/?action=deallocate",
"name": "vol2",
"state": "active",
"accountId": "1a15",
"created": "2016-05-11T01:03:10Z",
"createdTS": 1462928590000,
"description": null,
"driver": "convoy-nfs",
"driverOpts": { },
"externalId": null,
"imageId": null,
"instanceId": null,
"isHostPath": false,
"kind": "volume",
"removed": null,
"transitioning": "no",
"transitioningMessage": null,
"transitioningProgress": null,
"uri": "convoy-nfs:///vol2",
"uuid": "30e4967e-ebb6-4276-8151-87b5bff99a85",


Is there any way to get this removed? Deallocate doesn’t seem to do anything.

Same here, have you found a solution?

Update: just wait and it goes away :smiley: