Adding a right click, and setting default extensions

Hi Forums!

I’m using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12.

I’ve installed Sublime Text3, and have made a desktop shortcut using alacarte. I’m using Markdown, and want to make Sublime text the default app for files of extension “*.md”

Is there a config file where I can set this?
(I did try finding Sublime under Open_with → other application etc. But Sublime is not listed there.

How can I add a right-click open with… sublime option to the context mouse menu?



The answer to both questions is the same, you need to make it so Gnome recognises Sublime Text3 has an application that is able to handle files with extension .md. Though these things are handled via MIME types not file extensions so you’ll probably need to define a custom MIME type as there doesn’t seem to be an official one for Markdown.
Take a look at it’s the Arch Wiki but your question is not SLED 12 specific.