Adding Source Pool channel

I need to download the src.rpm for php7-memcached. The binary RPM is in SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Web Scripting 12. How do I add the Source Pool to our list of channels so I can run “zypper in -t srcpackage php7-memcached”.

I am running SUMA 3.1.8.

If the SUMA admin goes to (from memory) the setup wizard, on the far
tab you can add channels to SUMA to download, then on the channel setup
it needs updating to add this channel to the system in question. Once
that’s done it will automatically subscribe the system to the channel,
no zypper req…

Did a quick search, you can also grab the src rpm from here :wink:

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Source packages are not (yet) supported in SUSE Manager. That’s something we’re planning for the next major version in 2019.

Thanks. I looked high and low and couldn’t find anything in the Setup Wizard.