src.rpm for php7-memcached

Where can I find the src.rpm for php7-memcached? I need to rebuild it as we are using PHP 7.1 from OpenSuSE backports. The binary RPM is in SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Web Scripting 12 but I have no idea where the src.rpms are.

Enable the web scripting source pool and install the memcached src rpm

zypper in -t srcpackage memcached

Thanks. I tried that but we are pulling updates from SuSE Manager and I don’t see any src packages available. Maybe we need to mirror a particular repo from SUMA? But I have no idea which repo to mirror.

Yes, in SUMA on the admin setup, you will need to subscribe to the
Source Pool and refresh the system to pull it down… Then need to add
this to the channel for the system.

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