Adding windows host - Rancher 2.1


I installed Rancher v2.1.0-rc9 because I want to learn how the experimental support for Windows nodes will work in version 2.1.
I couldn’t find any way to define windows AMI when configuring EC2 cluster.
Is there any documentation or tutorial of this new experimental feature?


Found it:

So my next question would be, is there any plan to support Hybrid cluster of Windows and Linux in Rancher Quickstart for AWS?


rancher/rancher-agent:v2.1.0-nanoserver-1803 is not released for some reason.
I used rancher/rancher-agent:v2.1.0-rc8-nanoserver-1803 instead.


When trying to add new windows workers I get repeatedly the following message:
INFO[2569] Starting kubelet …
INFO[2570] …, overwriting flanneld config
INFO[2571] …, overwriting cni config
INFO[2572] …
INFO[2573] …
INFO[2574] …
INFO[2575] …
INFO[2576] …
INFO[2577] …
WARN[2578] … FAILED, agent retry
WARN[2579] This connection try to touch proxy again: PowerShell process is going to retry
INFO[2580] Connecting to proxy wss://[my ip]/v3/connect with token [my token]
INFO[2581] Starting kubelet …
INFO[2582] …, overwriting flanneld config
INFO[2583] …, overwriting cni config
INFO[2584] …
INFO[2585] …
INFO[2586] …
INFO[2587] …
INFO[2588] …
INFO[2589] …
WARN[2590] … FAILED, agent retry

The machine is not able to register.

From the log:
I1017 12:24:48.691309 1960 aws.go:1025] Building AWS cloudprovider
I1017 12:24:48.693311 1960 aws.go:987] Zone not specified in configuration file; querying AWS metadata service
E1017 12:24:48.812331 1960 tags.go:94] Tag “KubernetesCluster” nor “…” not found; Kubernetes may behave unexpectedly.
F1017 12:24:48.813332 1960 server.go:262] failed to run Kubelet: could not init cloud provider “aws”: AWS cloud failed to find ClusterID

I tried to add -label to the command, it didn’t help.
Any idea how to add that label?

Did I miss anything?


Solved, had to add the tag to the AWS instance: