Windows hosts CNI

Dear Community!

I really love Rancher, but still I have one big pain point.
Windows worker nodes are only available with Flannel. We need network policies for ZTN so Flannel is not an option, but also I would like to support Windows containers. Installing another cluster just for Windows would be an overkill for us, as we only have some small apps that would need it.
Is there any near future plan for supporting any other solution than Flannel? Canal or Calico preferably? Especially as Calico went open source on Windows in September. Maybe this puts it on the roadmap?


taking in consideration that we’re having same question, i was wondering maybe you got an answer and could update? thanks. we really need it for our project and that would be helpful. thanks again.

A Rancher representative contacted me, and I was asking for a quote and asked this as well, but they never even answered! Looks like I was not enough important wannabe customer. :frowning: