autoyast: unattendend Install with IMSM RAID not working


I’m trying to do a fully unattended Install of SLES 11 SP2 on a System with a configured RAID by Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Everything is running well except that i get a message
“You are running an Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager compatible platform
The following MD-compatible RAID devices were detected:
If they are clean devices or conatain partitions, you can use MD Partitionable RAID Subsystem to handle them. In case of a clean device you will be able to install a System on it and boot from such a RAID. Do you want MD Partitionable RAID Subsystem to manage These partitions?”

If i answer Yes on that Message everything goes well and the Installation is running fully unattendend.
How can i get rid of that message?

Thanks in advance!

Hi uit,

I’ll have to ask my SUSE contacts on this one. I’ll get back to you as soon as I receive a response, but as it is so close to the holiday season, it may actually take some time. You might want to additionally open a SR if you’re eligible to that.