Cluster creation on multi VM

Following the recent Beta guide, I want to create custom clusters on multi VM, all being freshly deployed with Linux.
To test first, I installed on one only VM all the three roles (etcd, control, worker). After a few minutes, my cluster was successfully created.
Now, trying to create 3 clusters, one being on a separate VM with a specific role. I thus create one cluster with role etcd, one cluster with role control and one with worker. Unfortunately, rancher server show all these 3 clusters being locked in state provisioning for age.
What did I wrong? Shall I start with a first machine with all 3 roles, then add new clusters with a specific node role?
Thank you for help.

My setup was totally wrong, as in fact I was creating 3 clusters when I need only one with many nodes. So the solution is to install one cluster, then edit it and run the proposed command with specific role on the dedicated machine.