Can't consistently install catalog plugin "Janitor"

Hi, I have set up a new Cattle environment, and added a new host. I started the install of the “janitor” module, but it hangs with the following error -

Activating (yaml: unmarshal errors: line 13: cannot unmarshal !!strtrueinto bool)

i had previously set this up on multiple hosts without issue, but am running into this now, any ideas?


This is a known issue in v1.1.0-dev1, but will be fixed in v1.1.0-dev2.

I’m on Rancher v1.0.1, so is this the same issue, or something different?

@Phillip_Ulberg I actually just tested this template in v1.0.2, and you are correct. It is still broken.

The older version (v1.5.2) works for Janitor, but the v1.6 will not.

The issue that I mentioned earlier will most likely not be fixed in the short term as it needs to be fixed in docker-compose/libcompose before rancher-compose will be able to support.

I have asked @sshipway if he could correct his template for Janitor.